Ecumenical Leadership Council launches new program

St. Louis, MO-, The  Ecumenical Leadership Council–St. Louis chapter has launched a new program designed to provide options to African American consumers. The new program, titled, “SEEUS”, (St. Louis Economic Empowerment Urban Strategy), will present a list of highly recommended African American businesses to offer professional services and goods to the African American community.

Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten, President of the Ecumenical Leadership Council says, ” Economic dependence is at the root of the social issues that create situations like Ferguson, the extraordinary homicide rate, and systemic poverty in the African American community. We don’t spend our dollars with each other. In fact we have foolishly imposed trade sanctions our own Black businesses. It’s time for us to start spending our money with each other and gaining the benefits of  economic independence that other ethnic groups have in their communities.”

The list of recommended Black owned businesses will be posted on the homepage of The majority of the businesses will include a link to their website. Businesses will be listed totally free of charge. The only requirement for listing is a recommendation from a member of the Council.  All members of the Ecumenical Leadership Council will urge their congregations to review the list for the goods and services that they need or want.

Members of the Ecumenical Leadership Council represents over 165 predominantly African American churches throughout the St. Louis area.

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