High homicide rate unchanged for two years

St. Louis,Mo; Homicides have become routine in St. Louis as the city closed out 2016 with 188 homicides. Coincidentally, the homicide number for 2015 was also 188. In 2014, the number was 159. Collectively that means 535 people have died as a result of a homicide. More particularly it means that over 500 African American males have been removed from society. It also means that if only 50% of the perpetrators of homicides are caught, another 250 or so Black males will be removed from society and remanded to the state penitentiary. That means over 750 Blacks that will be not be working, not marrying, not voting, not being a father
to their children.

Homicides in St. Louis County are also to be watched. In 2015 there were 66 homicides in St. Louis County. 2016 saw 63 homicides, which represents a drop of three homicides below the preceding year.

Here’s what the Ecumenical Leadership Council of Mo–St. Louis Chapter plans on doing to re-direct the energies of young
Black men.

1. First, pressure will be put on political leaders to re-direct more public resources towards Missouri’s
most at risk population (Black Males)

2. A full throttled voter registration effort

3. Reach out to the ex-felons to inform them that according to Missouri law, once they are released from prison or parole, their voting rights are restored. They only need to register to vote.
4. Unify with African American clergy across the state of Missouri
5. Develop political partnerships with other demographic groups.

The president of the Ecumenical Leadership Council in St. Louis Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten, and vice president Rev. Rodrick Burton, stated that, “2017 should be the year that the African American population in Missouri recognize that the target should not be young Black men, instead the target should be more entry into college, more entry into skilled jobs, more trade among Blacks themselves”. African Americans must realize that the Black church can help lead the way, as it did in the 60″s.

Bishop Wooten enjoys quoting the old Harriet Tubman saying, “I freed a thousand slaves, and I could have freed a thousand more, if I only could have convinced them that they were slaves”.

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